Obama Releases 68,000 Criminals from Prison


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Yes, you read it correctly, and no, it isn’t a typo.


“A new report from the Center of Immigration Studies shows the Obama administration released 68,000 illegal aliens who had been convicted of a crime.

The report states that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released 35 percent of convicted criminal aliens back into the general U.S. population when they should have been deported.

“The criminal alien releases typically occur without formal notice to local law enforcement agencies and victims,” said the report’s author, Jessica Vaughan.”



Have you yet realized Barry Soetoro, who changed his name to Barack Obama, is a domestic enemy of our country? A traitor to the Constitution and our sovereign laws?

Only .5mm of his outer skin has kept his worthless ass from being impeached, tried for treason, and permanently locked behind bars for life.

Again, the advantages of being considered black and the disadvantages of being considered white.

Tis a shame the first ‘black’ president and flotus wound up being the worst people to ever reside in the White House, eh?

Malaysian Airlines


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Perhaps because I couldn’t be more distant from the tragedy of the missing plane I fail to understand the reason relatives of the missing passengers wail and display their anger with the airlines.

My first thought is, “Why are you angry at the airlines? It wasn’t their fault the plane is missing.”

The people in control of the airlines are as baffled about the reason why as anyone/everyone else. They want to find out what happened as much as anybody. If there is a reason for anger at all it should be toward the pilot and, possibly, the copilot. It is my understanding the pilot’s wife recently left him, but I do not know why she did. It really isn’t any of my business, anyway.

Perhaps that is why the plane disappeared. Perhaps the captain dove the plane into the sea. The only way I can figure how the plane went into the sea without leaving any debris or very little would be straight nose down.

No matter the reason why the pilot crashed the plane, no matter how egregious the motivation, it was wrong to take all those people with him. His action (if indeed the pilot did crash the plane) is the same as a suicide bomber, a mass murderer, a Nazi gunning down prisoners of war. If he wanted to die, fine. That was his choice, but taking all those innocent people with him was very, very wrong. He died a murderer.

I shake my head at the Asian woman who was carried out of a meeting wailing, and the news media kept replaying that scene again and again. Why? Because it was sensational? Yeah, the news media loves sensational events, even if they are of a personal nature. Sometimes it’s called ‘yellow journalism’, but that is not the same as cowardly. It’s a derogatory term, though.

So, here we are, still looking for the plane with only a few days of battery power left in the ‘black’ (international orange) boxes. I keep thinking about all the passengers still strapped in their seats at the bottom of the sea. What a terrible shame. All those innocent people—dead.

I listened to an expert say the pilot might have been merciful enough to depressurize the cabin, causing the passengers to pass out once the emergency oxygen supply was exhausted. It would have been a merciful act had he done that. Yet, that does not excuse him from murdering all those poor people.

The pilot, again if he was guilty, deserves no mercy, no forgiveness. He was nothing more than a domestic terrorist, a vicious killer. If he was a Muslim, I’m sure he found out there is no Allah and no virgins waiting for him to screw their brains out—if they have any brains. He’s now suffering the eternal punishment of damnation, and the worst part of that is it never ends. The punishment is eternal, forever, without end. It will never, never end. It’s a proper punishment. He ended the lives of all those people who will never, never see their families again. They are gone forever.

May God have mercy on their souls.


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