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Hello, friends,

Today I had an appointment at the VA hospital, and when I was done there, I decided to go to a Jim’s Restaurant for lunch instead of going home and using the microwave for one of my frozen TV dinners.  What I had at Jim’s was better than anything I had in my freezer, but it was still disappointing.

Last Tuesday evening, three days ago, two very good friends took me out to dinner.  I am a seafood lover, so when they asked me what I felt like eating and where did I want to go, knowing they were paying I decided not to choose an expensive seafood restaurant, but seafood was what I wanted and told them I would like to go to Sea Island.

Wow.  I thoroughly enjoyed that dinner.  Not because they paid, of course.  HA!  I chose the Seafood Platter Combo for $13.99, I think it was.  It came with a fish fillet, a crab cake, some scallops, some deep fried oysters, some deep fried shrimp, french fries, hushpuppies, coleslaw, and tartar sauce.  I ordered a Coke for my drink.  I am a Coke addict, but not the kind that goes up the nose.  I am addicted to Coca Cola.

Everything was perfect, especially the deep fried oysters. MMMM—they were good.  I couldn’t finish the fries, though.  I was stuffed.  It was a very pleasurable meal.  That was not the case at Jim’s, however.

As far as the service at Jim’s, I have no complaints.  I was shown to a table within two minutes of arriving.  As soon as I sat down, my waitress was there asking me what I’d like to drink: coffee, iced tea, water?  I said, “Coffee, no cream.”  I was pleased to see she paid attention to what I told her.  Often, when I say ‘no cream’ the server brings cream, anyway.  Then I have to repeat myself and tell them to take the cream away.  I like my coffee black with no sugar.  That is always the case at Jim’s and Denny’s restaurants.  They have very good coffee, and I don’t need to ‘doctor’ it up with cream and sugar.

I browsed the menu and saw several things that looked delicious: steak and shrimp, shrimp platter, chopped steak, and the fish and shrimp combo. Well, as I said, I love seafood, so I ordered the combo.  To my surprise, the meal arrived maybe five or six minutes later.

Included with the meal was Texas Toast, but–it didn’t look like Texas Toast.  Texas Toast is supposed to be really thick slices of bread, but this looked like regular bread; bread that is labeled ‘thin sliced’ in the supermarket.  I asked the waitress, “This is Texas Toast?”  She replied that, yes, it was Texas Toast, but perhaps the short order cook used a spatula to press down on the bread while it was on the grill.  Hmmmm—  Disappointment number one.

Now, the meal.  The fish fillet was clearly overdone.  The breaded portion was a little too dark and too crispy; a sign the cook didn’t remove it from the fryer soon enough.  Disappointment number two.

The shrimp was fine; no problem there.  The fries were okay.  However, the coleslaw was tasteless.  I mean–bland.  It didn’t have any taste, except that which you would recognize as being shredded cabbage.  Disappointment number three.

I cleaned it all up, though.  It was filling.  Then I looked at my bill: $11.87 was the total:

Combo     —     $8.99

Coffee       —     $1.99

Subtotal  —   $10.98

Tax           —     $0.89

Total        —   $11.87

Two dollars for a cup of coffee?  Are you kidding me?  It isn’t even a mug; it’s small cup!  Sheesh!

So I paid $8.99 for a combo with four shrimp, one overdone fish fillet, french fries, tasteless coleslaw, and one slice of flat/thin Texas Toast.   However, at Sea Island, I paid five dollars more and received a fish fillet that was cooked to perfection, four shrimp, several oysters, several scallops, a crab cake, several hushpuppies, coleslaw that tasted great and a generous portion of french fries.  All that for just five dollars more; a good deal, I would say.

Okay, so some would say, “But you paid five dollars more.”  Yes, I did, but I tell you, that was money better spent at Sea Island than what I had at Jim’s.  The meal at Sea Island was awesome.  The meal I had at Jim’s was–okay, but not worth $8.99, I can assure you.

I have to confess, though–the meal I had at Jim’s was the worst thing to happen to me on Friday the 13th, so I guess I should consider that lucky, rather than unlucky.  Wouldn’t you agree?

P.S. I tipped the waitress $2.00.  That comes out to 16.8% or 17%, so it was above the accepted norm.  She has enough to buy a cup of coffee, anyway.