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A twenty-eight year-old South Dakota inmate claimed he only recently became aware he had been circumcised as a baby and is suing the hospital to have his foreskin restored.  He said his “sexual prowess” had been stolen from him.  He is seeking $1,000 on his own.  He has no attorney.  This story inspires one ludicrous question–or two: Why did he just now become aware of the procedure?  What was he doing when he discovered his, um–foreskin was missing?  Wait!–wait!I don’t want to know.  Absolutely Mind Boggling!

A California man says he accidentally shot himself in his shoulder with a .22 caliber bullet when he dropped a dumbbell on the rim of the shell casing.

(Pardon me for a few seconds–LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  The police say his story is suspicious–but not impossible.  Absolutely Mind Boggling!

A twenty-year-old defendant in Alabama is spending three days in jail for contempt of court because he was wearing his pants too low.  The judge said wearing pants that low in court is the same as cussing in court.  The judge also instructed the defendant to buy a belt when he got out of jail.   Hear Hear, I say!  It is Absolutely Mind Boggling  that males (most, if not all of them, pitifully immature) walk around in public with their pants below their anuses, allowing their unmentionables to be seen by all of us who are repulsed by the sight of them.  Little do these ignoramuses know this “fad” started in prisons by inmate “bitches” as a sign they are “available” to other inmates for sex.   So, are we (whose parents taught us how to dress properly) supposed to assume all you “kewl” guys with pants below your ass cheeks are saying, “I am a homosexual!  Take me!” ??   Absolutely Mind Boggling!

Are all men in their twenties imbeciles?  Some women may think so.  I don’t think I was, but that is just my opinion.  Get this guy:  A twenty-six-year old convicted felon in Washington state is running and hiding from police–but takes time to update his status on Facebook.  What an idiot.  People like that should be put away not only as punishment for their crimes, but also to protect the rest of us from such insane individuals.  The police say it is just a matter of time before they catch up to him.  Some of his Facebook “friends” are supporting him, while others are telling him to surrender.  I hope to hear an update of his account that states his status as being “Account Closed due to incarceration”.  Absolutely Mind Boggling!

In Australia, a twenty-six-year old (yes, another man in his twenties) pilot in a small cargo plane radioed for an emergency landing because–a snake crawled out from behind the instrument panel.  He did not know if the snake was poisonous, but he was rather terrified as it crawled across his legs.  Once he landed, a fireman saw the snake, but it got away.  Turns out the snake was non-poisonous and can grow as long as five feet.  I wonder–how did the snake get through Security, and is it a frequent flyer?  Absolutely Mind Boggling!

Fugitive runs out of gas and calls Sheriff for help:

http://www2.wspa.com/news/2012/feb/14/fugitive-runs-out-gas-calls-sheriff-help-ar-3231606/    I wish all criminals were this stupid.  Absolutely Mind Boggling!

A Burger King in Panama City, Florida, was trashed by several Black customers, particularly a Black woman in a bikini.  It is unknown what her “beef” was, but you can watch the riot on You Tube here:


Absolutely Mind Boggling!