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                   Don’t Be Stupid

There probably isn’t a person alive above the age of 16 that has not heard “Do Not Drink and Drive“, yet thousands of people, if not millions, completely ignore that advice.  They drink and think they can still drive safely.  The alcohol in the brain actually kills brain cells. So, they drive and 1) crash, 2) kill or maim people, 3) destroy property, and the courts often let the offenders stay out of prison.  Since brain cells are killed each time alcohol gets into the brain, the drunk driving offender is now even more stupid, which often makes them go out and do it again–drive drunk.  If they didn’t kill anyone during their first offense, they go out and try again.

I would support a law that puts people in prison for a mandatory minimum of one year on the first drunk driving offense, if no one was injured, and a mandatory minimum of five years if someone was hurt and a mandatory minimum of 25 years if someone was killed.  Why are the courts and the legal system such wimps when it comes to drunk driving offenses?

There is no excuse whatsoever for driving while intoxicated.  NONE!  If someone is going to be so stupid to drink and drive, they deserve a mandatory sentence of no less than one year, a two year suspension of their driver license, and a minimum of three years probation following their release from prison.  This offense is a very serious one, causing the deaths of hundreds of people and even more in injuries and millions of dollars in property damage.

If you are thinking of ignoring the do-not-drive-drunk laws, you deserve the maximum punishment for being so arrogant, so stupid, and so irresponsible behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  If it were entirely up to me, I’d lock you up and melt the key into scrap metal.  You would never get out.

Absolutely Mind Boggling!  — —  that people still drink and drive.