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Stop! Stop! You’re killing me!

My side hurts from laughing so hard. STOP! You’re killing me!  Oh, my God, there are some really stupid criminals in this world.  For instance:

A young man and his girlfriend rob a store, see?  Then they post pictures of themselves on their Facebook page holding the money and the gun they used to rob the store.  They got arrested, of course!

Absolutely Mind Boggling!

Okay, this little old lady, see, gets a jury summons.  So, she intentionally mismatches her clothes, arrives in court in hair rollers, almost clown-like make-up, and says as she walks into the courtroom, “Ask me about my best seller.”  She claimed to be mentally ill, so the judge excuses her from jury duty.  Later, this poor ole lady is on a radio  talk show and brags about her performance.  The judge heard the radio show, put two and two together and had her arrested for perjury.  “What if I go to prison over this?” the woman asked.   True story.  Absolutely Mind Boggling!

British criminal frames himself–and takes his mate with him.  Not mate as in gay lover; mate as in “his friend.”  British police entered an apartment looking for a fugitive.  The fugitive had an ornate frame around his picture that was hanging over the fireplace and a newspaper article with the fugitive’s photo had been attached to the frame as a ‘boast’.  The police found both the fugitive and his mate hiding in a kitchen cupboard.  Since the mate was harboring a fugitive, both went to jail.  Absolutely Mind Boggling!

OH MY GAWD!  You better go easy the next time you have sex, my friends!  A woman in Australia won a Workman’s compensation claim for getting injured while having sex in a hotel room while on a business trip.  It seems her male friend and she caused an overhead lamp to fall off the wall over the headboard and it fell onto her face.  She was seeking compensation for facial and psychological injuries.  (Time Out!)


Absolutely Mind Boggling!