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It’s about time, too.  Cell phone companies have been ripping off customers for far too long.  I am certain I don’t have to tell you what you already know: you are paying too much!

I moved from a contract plan to a no contract plan with Boost Mobile.  I have been with Boost since March 2009, and I am happy with them.  They have a plan where your monthly fee reduces by $5.00 every six months.  My plan just decreased from $55.00 to $50.00 this month and in six months it will decrease to $45.00 a month.  There are no limits on calls, text messages, pictures sent and received–no limits at all on anything.  I am very happy with Boost.  I recommend you check them out.  Since there is no contract, you don’t have to worry about getting locked in.  If you aren’t happy, just cancel.  No penalties.

You can read the Yahoo story here:


If you want to check out Boost Mobile, go here:


I use a Blackberry Curve with Boost.

Go save some money!