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Scum of the Earth

Two of the worst things about the Internet are 1) the people who create and then propagate viruses and 2) spammers.

If murder was not against God’s law and man’s law, I think some people are so infuriated by both those kinds of people that some might take steps to reduce their numbers.  You think?

Well, spammers, especially, are the bane of human existence.  I think of them as crooks, liars, schemers, thieves, scammers, and scumbags.

I especially despise intensely those scumbags who send out their crap from Nigeria thinking I would be stupid enough to believe the kind of crap they send like the email I received below.  I suppose it’s a game of numbers.  If a spammer sends out 100,000 spam letters like the one I posted below, there actually will be someone somewhere stupid enough to believe it.  Well, if someone actually is that stupid, they deserve to be scammed.

I sometimes receive a carefully worded email from someplace in Africa stating someone kicked the bucket and out of 350 million Americans within the United States, my name was chosen to receive millions of dollars.  Three hundred and fifty “countable” million people in the U.S. and >> I << am the person chosen to receive whatever millions of dollars was left for me following some fictitious person’s death.

I said “countable”, because we all know there are at least one million illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America residing in the U.S. who are not “countable”; at least not officially in the Census.

The latest spam letter I received from Nigeria started out, “My dearly beloved…” — DEARLY BELOVED?  BELOVED?!  The gall of that spammer!  The spammer goes on to say some guy died in a plane crash and if I contact the author of the letter, arrangements can be made to quickly deposit more than 3 million dollars into my bank account.  I am mostly insulted that the spammer thinks I am so stupid, so ignorant, and such a fool to actually believe all that.


I am also receiving, as are probably many other bloggers, scores of comments to my posts that are nothing more than spam.  If you check the “Related Articles” below, you will see one that talks about that kind of spammer and what to do about them.  The spammers who are spamming my blog are using the following FAKE email addresses:

  • @hotmediamail.com
  • @supermediamail.com
  • @superbmediamail.com
  • @superbemediamail.com
  • and spammers with email names like hotmailllllll.com

Attn Bloggers:  check your commenters very closely.  If you approve a spammer, they will steal your information and cause you all sorts of trouble.  More information about that can be found in the “Related Articles” links.

Also, I included a web site that lists known spammers.  It might be a good resource for you.

 Here is that web site that lists known spammers I promised you: