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Call Blocker

Call Blocker (Photo credit: HostingCoupons)

Earlier this month I published a post about telemarketers called “Lower Than Pond Scum.”  That opinion has not changed.  I decided recently after receiving more phone calls from several other area codes like 800, 888, 866, unrecognizable other area codes, to publish a list of all the telemarketing phone numbers that I have in my Call Blocker app on my Blackberry.  I figure they must be telemarketers, because when forwarded to Voice Mail–they always hang up.  Perhaps you might find some use for this list.  It is the only reason I am publishing it.


telemarketing (Photo credit: Stitch)

When I have spoken to any telemarketers in the past and before I just got fed up with them, they were trying to sell their learning institutions for education, auto insurance, newspaper subscriptions, pre-paid credit cards, cruises, membership in buying clubs, and I can’t remember what else.  I got so sick and tired of telemarketers calling me all day long and giving me sales pitches about everything under the sun and often with a barely understandable Indian accent, I decided to use the Call Blocker app.

Remember to put your phone number on the Do Not Call list, and if you continue to get calls after your number is on the list, report their numbers to the Feds.

Here is the list:  (I alternately bolded the area codes in groups just to make them easier to distinguish.)  After I first published this post, any new numbers added are in colors other than black.

  • 201-000-8001     561-288-0361      806-787-6053
  • 281-397-0158     616-980-1306     866-355-6815
  • 312-735-8952      620-860-2755     837-436-2529
  • 314-607-2119      706-805-1345      918-671-5160
  • 317-551-5565      720-452-5556      949-111-7689
  • 404-214-4996     757-961-3544      904-398-0080
  • 415-302-0290     800-290-5898     913-730-1244
  • 425-372-0491     800-355-5265     919-288-9335
  • 425-390-8107     858-301-2015     956-242-2931
  • 432-553-8817     858-309-3000     970-776-9659
  • 469-854-3882     866-259-2788     817-319-6047
  • 484-515-0892     888-823-0934     610-849-1500
  • 712-898-2598      704-576-4304     888559-6054
  • 425-390-8919     866380-6355
New numbers added June 26, 2012 in red

If I receive a new number that is not already on my call blocker app, I let it go to voicemail.  However, if the caller hangs up without leaving a message, it is almost certain it’s a telemarketing call, so I add the number to my call blocker list and deny a second opportunity for them to leave a voicemail message.  They get once chance to leave a message; not a second chance.

If the caller is not a telemarketer, they almost always leave a message.  I would be tickled pink to let a call from our glorious (?) president go to voice mail.  HAHAHA!!

Hope this helps you.