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The Documentary – Der Unbekannte Soldat

I recently watched this documentary and recommend it to all viewers over age 17.  It is NOT–NOT–suitable for anyone under 17.  So, parents–do not disregard that.

The entire gist of this documentary is that all German soldiers in WWII were guilty of war crimes and inhumanity, not just the SS.  This divides Germans into two main groups: those who agree and those who don’t, and the ones who don’t agree are claiming the idea that all Wehrmact soldiers were guilty of war crimes is slanderous, libelous, of their fathers and grandfathers.

There are many thousands of documents and photographs in the exhibit in Germany that tend to substantiate the claim that all German soldiers were guilty, but they are far from proof of that claim.  If you took lots of pictures of prostitutes in New Orleans, in Nevada, in Los Angeles, in New York — would that be proof that all women are prostitutes?  If you published photos from ten different cities of battered wives, would that be proof all husbands beat their wives?

I will not deny that many soldiers, both the regular army and the SS, committed war crimes against Jews and Russian soldiers, and much of that was motivated by the propaganda put forth by the Nazi’s, but it would be 110% ludicrous to say all German soldiers–all of them–committed war crimes.  That is just not a feasible or realistic claim/accusation.

You would have to accuse every single German soldier of war crimes, and that would just be stupid.

I can understand how the descendants of WWII German soldiers are insulted and infuriated by such asinine claims.  Many tens of thousands of German soldiers served their country with honor, integrity, and loyalty to their country.  It is far too late, now, to pick out every single soldier and accuse them case by case.  It has been 67 years, now, since the war ended, and the best anyone can hope for is to say, “Yes, the Wehrmact participated in war crimes, but not every German soldier.”

U.S. soldiers have done some terrible things in Iraq and Afghanistan, but their actions does not mean every single U.S. soldier, Marine, or Airman have done terrible things.  Just because the Japanese did some terrible things to people and prisoners in WWII does not mean every Japanese soldier did those things, too.  Just because some extremist Muslims blew themselves up and killed thousands of people all total does not mean every Muslim in the world is a potential suicide bomber.

It is extremely rare that any claim, any accusation, can be all inclusive.  One of the rare claims is that all humans are sinners and not worthy of Heaven.  That is one of the very few correct all-inclusive statements.  There are very few such all-inclusive statements.  Another all-inclusive claim would be only women can have children.  Or only men carry the X chromosome.  But to say an entire nation of Germans committed war crimes is just stupid prejudice and a stupid, irresponsible and unfair accusation.  It may surprise you to know that not all Germans were Nazi’s.

Many German soldiers in WWII did what our soldiers are doing today: serving their country.  No matter if you, the reader, be a Jew, Russian, or whatever–even if you hate the Germans of that era for what they did or didn’t do, most were nothing more than Germans serving their country, and we cannot condemn them for that.  If you believe every single German, every single soldier, was a war criminal, then you are being completely irrational and stupid about this.

I am not a Nazi.  I don’t support the Nazi’s.  I do not worship Adolf Hitler.  I am just being fair to the German people during that time and even to the people in Germany today, and you need to be as fair to them, as well.

The exhibit in Germany makes that claim about the German soldiers–but it cannot be an all-inclusive claim.  That would be like saying all wives are prostitutes or all husbands beat their wives.  That is just stupid!

Absolutely Mind Boggling!