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I hope so.  I have been an animal lover all my life.  I grew up with dogs, but knew nothing about cats until after military service when a female black cat decided she wanted to move in and “take over”!  LOL!

She was all black.  I had no idea what to name a cat, so I just called her “Pretty Girl”.  She lived with me until she was about 18-years-old.  She taught me a lot about cats, and I learned to appreciate them.

I love dogs, too.  People must realize dogs and cats are not alike.  They are as different as a cow and a hippo; they both have four legs and a tail, but they do not act similarly, and anyone who expects a cat to act like a dog is being foolish.


I have three cats now, one male and two females.  Their names are Jonesy, Missy and Pookie.  Jonesy is a very big, orange cat, and is kind of the “boss”.  He is a lovable boy.  Missy and Pookie were strays I found late one night when they were about 3 months old.  The girls are not related, but play like siblings.  They all love their daddy and I love them as if they were my kids.





















It is important to spay and neuter your pets, and you can help others in several ways:

  • Donate to a fund to spay and neuter cats and dogs
  • Donate to help people like senior citizens get their pets fixed
  • Get your pets fixed
For more information, please take a moment to visit:

Please help by spaying/neutering and/or finding homes for homeless cats and dogs.  No dog or cat should spend their life homeless and without a loving human.

Thanking you for the pets who can’t say so themselves.