Can you describe what honor looks like?  Can you even define/describe what honor is?  Do you even understand what honor means?

Perhaps this will help:

What honor looks like: The flash mob at Gate 38 of Reagan National Airport | MullerOver.com

God Bless the United States

My father, two uncles, and my mother’s cousin all served during WWII.  They all came home–except my mother’s cousin.  He was a B-17 crew member, and his plane was shot down over Europe.  His body was never found.

My father continued to serve through Korea and Vietnam.  He retired in 1969.  I am a disabled Veteran of the Vietnam era.

The United States is the most free country in the world; even the most free in all of human history.  But no one gave us our freedom.  Rarely does any country receive freedom as a gift.  Freedom has a price; a very high price.  Freedom is usually bought with blood and lives.  Every person living in the United States owes their freedom, the freedom the U.S. enjoys, to those who fought for and defended freedom not only for ourselves, but for the freedom of people and countries who had lost it, like France, Belgium, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, South Vietnam, and Kuwait, as some examples.  Your freedom, my freedom–was paid for with blood and lives.

It is a debt that can never be repaid.  Many thousands of Americans left the U.S. to go to war–and never came home.

If we were a nation of pacifists, we would probably be speaking Japanese, Chinese, German or even Russian.  Thank God for our Veterans and for their service and bravery.

One of the freedoms we enjoy is the freedom to leave.  If you or someone else doesn’t like living in the U.S., there is no anchor tied to your/their ass.  You are free to leave–and stay gone.