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That is what the Bible and Jesus tells us.  Love Thine Enemy.  Well, I have to say I have never really loved mine enemy—but I recently sure came close to it.  I mean, I have felt compassion for my enemy.  Sympathy, perhaps.  Empathy.  But love?  Nope.  Not until I saw a video about North Korea‘s military.

No, I am not in love with North Korea’s military or North Korea.  But I sure have a crush on one of it’s female members.  As soon as I saw her, I would have been putty in her hands–if she were ever in the same room with me.  I just can’t get over how cute, how beautiful this woman is.  (Picture of her below).

I understand for $70,000 North Korea will find a North Korean bride for the man who pays that money.  Damn.  Now I wish I had been more industrious, more productive, more successful in life, because if I had that kind of money, perhaps if I was a millionaire or billionaire–I would pay double that amount for her and $70,000 for each and every member of her family that she would want to take with her out of North Korea.

I am love struck.  I was just merely watching videos on YouTube about North Korea’s military and China’s.  China’s military is the most precise, the most impressive in marches.  No other country can march in such impressive precision.  I watched how they are trained to march.  I watched their military training in China.  And I truly believe if our military ever got into a fray with the Chinese military, I think China would just simply kick our asses.

North Korea, thanks to their “wardens” and “propaganda ministers”  who have imprisoned their citizens in their own country, the North Koreans think it was the U.S. who invaded North Korea, not knowing it was actually North Korea who invaded South Korea.  North Koreans think the U.S. is evil and they want to kill us all.  That is because they don’t know the truth; the truth about who invaded who and the truth about the outside world.

This makes me believe, even if I had the money to convince North Korean leaders that I want this beauty to be my bride, to leave North Korea and her relatives with her, that she would probably hate me initially simply because I am an American and because of the bullshit her leaders have fed her.  I could only hope to get her out of her country and open her eyes; to show her Americans are not the evil people she thinks they are.  Would she ever love me?  Beats me.  I could only hope she would find a way to love her enemy.  But I sure have got a crush on her.  Too bad she will never know; never know a lot of things.

Who is this woman?  Here is her picture.  Beautiful, isn’t she?

What a cutie! I am in love!

Women in uniform have always been a turn-on for me, but this woman?  I have such a crush!  Too bad she will never know.  HAHAHA!   Maybe it is better she never knows.

Absolutely Mind Boggling!