Wow. That’s even more than the Beatles!

Hmmmm— 75%. Is it worth it?

Yeah, those long yellow thingies.

Pets. You just can’t trust ’em, ya know?

Um—okay. If you say so.

The CEO — Book smarts only, perhaps?

Instructions for Co-Pilot

“Come on, bro! Get your fat ass through the door!”

Really? Ice cold? How very odd!

Is China like a State? A County? Perhaps just outside of Barstow, maybe?

OF COURSE! You can’t go on a picnic without water balloons!

Smiley Face Panties

“We forgot to make a hole for the tails.”

Left–no, no left turn–no, light says ok to turn left–no, no left turn–no light says ok to turn left–no, no left turn (etc., etc,)

What were they THINKING?
Absolutely Mind Boggling!