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I know.  The title of this post just inspired memories of places and people you saw/knew in the past.  Perhaps a relationship.  A family vacation.  A visit to your proctologist.

As we grow older we look back at our lives and wonder what might have been, what we might not have missed had we not been so busy with what we thought were things of greater importance.  And we discover those things we thought were so important—really weren’t.

Now, as we become less able to uproot our comfortable lives to go scurrying about as we did in our younger years, most of us can only search through the reams of memories stored someplace in our minds, hoping the memories are still there; still fresh and still able to stir in us the emotions we felt as we were making those memories.

To offer advice to those who still are in their youth would be as ineffective as screaming at the storm, “STOP!”  Wisdom is not a quality found in youth.  It is a quality acquired when one notices the first strands of grey in the mirror.  Only then do we realize we have matured from a carefree existence to a time when every moment, every memory, every day becomes more precious with every tick of the clock.

So it has been since Genesis.  So it will be always.  Some things never change.  Some things never stop changing.

Sit.  Have a cup of your favorite beverage.  Close your eyes and go back.  Revisit.  Relive.  And be at peace.