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Victim of a drunk driver

DON’T come to Texas. DON’T be on a Texas highway. The judges in Texas put repeat drunk drivers right back on the road again—instead of in prison.

Now, I am going to comment.  There is no one—NO ONE—of driving age who has not heard, “Don’t Drink and Drive.”  Yet, the damn alcoholics, the damn jackasses who think getting drunk is the coolest thing to do surpassed only by driving while being drunk, pour beer and alcoholic drinks down their throats like there is no tomorrow, then refuse to be smart by taking a taxi or letting someone else drive.

Instead, the stupid, drunk, ignorant, imbeciles drive their cars while they are shitfaced, and wind up injuring, maiming, or killing people; often whole families. They do this because they are too damn stupid to realize they are so drunk they couldn’t see the turd of a llama if it hit them in their faces.

If you have not already guessed it, this is one of my pet peeves about people who drink—then think it would not be MACHO to NOT drive drunk.  So, they drive drunk and kill people; ruin lives—forever.  All because they wanted to pour some alcohol into their faces and let that alcohol kill more of whatever brain cells they have left.

Furthermore, Texas judges, instead of putting repeat drunk drivers into prison [even THIRD TIME offenders!], they put them back on the street and under “probation“.

Listen you stupid, idiotic judges:  If someone is in your courtroom for a THIRD TIME for driving drunk, are you so STUPID—SO STUPID—to think they will now be a good person?  That probation will finally convince them never to drink and drive again?


People are being killed by repeat drunk drivers.  People are being maimed by repeat drunk drivers.  People’s lives are being irreversibly altered and in the most negative ways by repeat drunk drivers.

Any judge who puts a repeat drunk driver back on the streets should be put in prison for endangering the public.  They should be stripped of their law license, never to practice law again—ever!

The moment a repeat drunk driver who was put on probation and onto the street kills someone by driving drunk—the judge who put the drunk driver back on the street should be forcibly taken to the scene of the accident so he can see the death and carnage that drunk driver caused.

You damn drunk drivers should give thanks to God that I never became a judge or have any control over your punishment, because if I did—I would put you away for life, and you would never see the light of day again.

If these pictures, if this post does not impress upon you the seriousness  consequences for driving drunk, then—you are a menace to society and are not worthy of possessing a driver’s license.

Don’t prove to the world that you are stupid.  If you drive drunk, we already know you are.