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As if NASA hasn’t already wasted enough taxpayer dollars, the space agency has come up with another wasteful Mars mission even while Curiosity (no, not the human condition—the $2.5 billion rover that just landed on Mars recently) is still not fully operational, yet—probably due to it trying to recover from a harrowing and risky new landing procedure “thunk up” by NASA.

This story found on Yahoo:

Artist rendition of the proposed InSight Lander. (Space.com/Photo by NASA/JPL)

“Still basking in the recent success of its Curiosity rover’s historic landing on Mars, NASA is already talking about its next mission to the red planet, currently slated for 2016. Called InSight, the new probe being readied by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), will land on Mars and attempt to determine if the planet has a solid core or a molten one like Earth. The mission will also seek to provide answers to why Mars doesn’t seem to have tectonic plates like our own planet.

Budgeted at a conservative $425 million . . . “

Budgeted? BUDGETED?  Oh, gee, thanks, NASA.  Perhaps we’ll have some money left over to pay for the education of all the illegal aliens Obama has invited in, while natural-born citizens have to find jobs at fast food restaurants because they are not considered “a minority” or worthy of assistance from their very own government.  Our very own U.S.-born children will be working for the college educated illegal aliens hired by Taco Bell and Pollo Loco.

Okay, so what’s with the title of this post?  WHY MARS AGAIN?  Who gives a damn about the “core” of Mars?  Why not go “out there”?  EXPLORE SPACE!  There are celestial bodies in space other than the little red dot ancients dubbed, “The God of War“.

Hey, NASA—ever hear “reach for the stars”?  Or, set high goals?  Skip that source of little green men and tentacled monsters in flying saucers and go to Saturn! Uranus!  Neptune!  The Klingon Empire!

Hell, the Romulans are looking at us like a cat who timidly gives something a quick “whack” with its paw, because it is too timid to just POUNCE ON IT!

I feel like apologizing to the Vulcans for our infantile reservations, for crying out loud.

The core of Mars.  Sheesh.  Screw Mars.