By Douglas Stranglin, USA Today

The teen, like many teens, may be very good at video games, but I bet he doesn’t know crap about what he spent the last four years in school learning.

Young folks in this generation and the one previous know a lot of things—except what they SHOULD know to pass an SAT exam.

That is why our students are dumber than students in foreign countries.  Don’t believe it?  Google it and find out just where the U.S. ranks educationally when compared to China, Japan, India, Germany, Israel, and a host of other countries.

For instance, how many of you have seen (or are even guilty of) these mistakes?

  • writing to when you mean too
  • writing loose when you mean lose
  • writing your when you mean you’re
  • writing there when you mean their or they’re
  • and can’t spell worth beans

Hey, it’s your native language.  You should be able to speak it and write it better than someone whose first language is not English.  It is embarrassing to make such stupid mistakes—not embarrassing to know your language.