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The world is nearer a nuclear explosion than reported by the news media or any national leader. Iran in particular and terrorists in general are farther along in their quest for a nuclear bomb than has been reported.
The book Fallout by Catherine Collins and Douglas Frantz is a true story about the CIA’s secret war against nuclear trafficking, and it will chill you to your bones.

In the Introduction they write, “Only sheer luck has allowed the world to avoid a nuclear catastrophe.”

What we need to worry about is how long will sheer luck hold out.

A nuclear bomb detonated by a nation or a group of terrorists will most likely be the beginning of the end of human existence and life as we know it now.

It is far more likely some completely insane and maniacal Muslim fanatics will explode a nuclear bomb than one delivered by a rogue nation like North Korea or China. How long do we have before it happens?

Read Fallout if you want to know the truth about how Iran, North Korea, and Islamic terrorists acquired the knowledge and materials to embark upon the journey that leads to the end of our world.

ISBN 978-1-4391-8306–9