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Woman Breastfeeds Dog

This is Spider, the pug

A 44-year-old mother of two says that breastfeeding her pet pug dog Spider makes her feel complete after missing out on the experience with her children.

The California woman says Spider was “the runt of the litter and underweight” and says she started breastfeeding the pug when it started licking the teat of the bottle she had filled for her son.

The woman says Spider’s “tongue tickles and I do feel her teeth, but she latches on in a way that they don’t hurt me.”

She says she breastfeeds the pug in front of her kids and “they think it’s amazing.”

She concedes that “people may say I’m a freak” but adds that her experience with Spider “…means I finally feel complete” and that it makes her “a better mother.”

Source: WOAI, San Antonio, TX

Hamster Taken Into Protective Custody

The hamster was not wearing a seat belt

Officers in Oregon took a pet hamster into protective custody after its owner was pulled over and arrested for driving under the influences of intoxicants with the creature on her lap.

“It took three officers to capture the furry little passenger,” one of the officers said. “It appeared that the hamster wanted to say in the vehicle, and it put up a good fight trying to avoid capture.”

The hamster was taken into custody after the driver said she didn’t have anyone to come collect it and reportedly suggested officers “should just kill it.”

The hamster was returned to the owner after she was released.

Source: WOAI, San Antonio, TX

Pajamas Help Itchy Horse

Now it wants a smoking jacket, too.

A horse kept awake by a midge bite allergy can finally get some rest in pajamas that keep off the bugs and soothe her itchy skin.

British Airways donated sleeper suits usually reserved for first-class passengers to the horse, named Gracie May.

The animal’s life had been made a misery by blistering skin caused by bug bites, before BA and supplier Orvec came to her aid.

Kate Thornton of British Airways said, “We are delighted to have been able to offer Gracie May a luxurious solution to her problem.  We hope the new sleeper suit helps on her journey to first class health.”

Source: WOAI, San Antonio, TX

 Chickens Falling from the Sky!

Chickens can’t fly!

A teen getting a horseback riding lesson got a shock when a piece of raw chicken fell from the sky and hit her on the head.

The Virginia teen says she was on a horse when the approximately one-foot piece of uncooked bird hit her. She was wearing a helmet and was not hurt. Other rides say they saw other pieces of poultry fall from the sky as well.

An investigation into the incident is being conducted but experts believe the chicken may have come from another bird, like a seagull or possibly a vulture, accidentally dropping its meal. They believe the chicken could have been on an improperly maintained compost pile.

A nearby processing plant for Tyson Foods has denied the meat came from its facilities.

Source: WOAI, San Antonio, TX

Lioness Adopts Antelope

A compassionate lioness?

A lioness in Uganda has been photographed taking care of a baby antelope just moments after killing its mother.

The big cat took pity on the young fawn when it emerged shaking from its hideout in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Despite looking destined to end up as the lioness’ dessert, photographer Adri De Visser was amazed when the animal carried the orphan away as one of her own cubs.

De Visser said, “A park ranger turned up on his motorbike which made a really loud noise, which I think frightened the animals… so the lioness picked the fawn up by the neck and carried it off like one of its own… We heard from a group of tourists that the fawn was later spotted alive and well.”

Source: WOAI, San Antonio, TX