I can remember first watching TV when I was about fours years old in 1952. Granted the programs were mostly cartoons and programs somewhat similar to Sesame Street called Ding Dong School. But they were good, intelligent programs; for kids, anyway.

As I grew older, I watched other programs like The Ed Sullivan Show, What’s My Line, Father Knows Best and others.

As each decade ended and another began, the programs changed, progressed, and some


. The writers, directors, and producers kept doing what they thought we wanted, needed, and expected, but instead of following society’ s lead—they led society not unlike a questionably charismatic guru. They broke new ground, broke ethical and moral values—and society was mesmerized.

All the way through the 80’s and 90’s, television boasted some very popular and successful programs.

Once the Y2K doomsday scare proved to be a puff and not the bang predicted by many, the intelligence, the morals, and the ethics of Hollywood and so many Jewish producers, directors, and writers who pretty much own and run the entertainment industry, was what went bang. The world survived—their intelligence, their creativity, their values died.

I’ve lived to see the moral decline in the television industry, and the decline has not stopped nor even slowed down. Granted, there are some good TV programs, but programs like the various “reality” ideas, the “survivor” series, the idol, voice, and x-factor programs, and many others are an insult, an embarrassment to the intelligence of those humans whose IQ’s meet and even exceed the average. I fear the Median IQ is eroding away in direct proportion to the number and frequency of idiotic and immoral programming.

Readers of this blog who never knew the greatness, the true entertainment and creativity of TV prior to 1980 and as far back as 1950 will not be able to comprehend this post; will not understand.

With the new Millennium came the decay of intelligence and morality.

TV programs today (for the most part) are nothing more than brain eating bacteria. Take, for instance, “How I Met Your Mother” and “Two and A Half Men. Totally idiotic and rotten from the opening credits to the closing lines.

Add to all that the killing, gruesome and very graphic video games played by many, our youth in particular, and you have an explanation for the stupidity of society and why so many high school graduates today would fail if they had to meet the qualifications to pass high schools in the 50’s and 60’s.

Thank God I was a “boomer” baby. I got to enjoy the greatness of our nation before the decay began it’s slow attack on the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

Although I will not live to see it happen, I hope the “pendulum” begins a swing in the other direction someday and our nation, our greatness, our moral and ethic fiber will return.

However, with that Socialist Muslim, that liar, that fraud and power hungry ego maniac in the White House—what the U.S. once was may never be again.

God help us.

Mark my words, you will deeply regret putting Obama back into the white House. Someday—you will regret it.