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First, consider these facts:  (Source: Newsmax)

Among U.S.-born women, the birth rate per 1,000 white women ages 15 to 44 was 57.3 in 2010; for blacks, 61.3; for Hispanics, 65.4; for Asians, 32.


Among U.S.-born white women, 30 percent of births were to unmarried women in 2010. The figure among U.S.-born blacks was 78 percent; Hispanics, 58 percent; Asians, 31 percent.

Wow.  That says a lot, if you spend a few minutes thinking about that.  For instance, Blacks and Hispanics (Mexicans both immigrants and U.S. born Mexicans, many who are called Tex-Mex) are just popping out babies as fast as possible.  It is true that the more babies a family has the more money they get for food stamps and Welfare.  So, to those two groups, it doesn’t matter that they can’t support more children.  What matters is they get more money for each kid they pop out.  So, the children are not a product of love and family; they are nothing more than dollar signs in the flesh.

And who is supporting/feeding those children?  People like me and you.  Hard working white Americans who pay taxes and in the Middle Class.  We are supporting and feeding those dollar signs, but we have no say in how they are raised.

Next, refer back to how many children are born to unwed women.  What does that say about Black and Hispanic women?  That they are fornicators?  Sluts?  They are unmarried (or claim to be in the Welfare office [I personally know of a case where a Mexican woman is married, but tells Welfare she is not]) and spread their legs to have unprotected sex and WHAMMO! — another illegitimate child that will be supported and fed by tax-paying, hard-working Americans.

I think an unmarried woman who has three children either needs to be forced by law to get married or have her tubes tied.  If an unmarried woman cannot afford to support/feed the ones she has now, she shouldn’t be allowed to have any more.

Part of the reason/blame why Mexicans have so many babies falls on the Pope and the Catholic church.  I am fairly familiar with the Bible, and I know of no place in the Bible that states using birth control is a sin.  A human, a man, not God, tells Catholics “if you use a condom or birth control pills, it is a sin.”  Did God say this? Of course not.  So, all these Mexican women keep popping out babies that they cannot support because they think it is a terrible sin to use some sort of birth control.  And what do they care?  They know they will get more money for every child they birth.  They don’t have to worry about spending their money on feeding the rug rats.  They spend their money on beer, tacos, lottery tickets, drugs and sports tickets.

Where in the world did the Popes and the Catholic church dig up this ludicrous rule about birth control?

As you can tell, I have a very dim view of the Catholic church and all the irresponsible women who pop out babies they can’t afford and make us pay for their food and support.

It won’t be long before this will be a country of blacks and Mexicans and white Americans will be an overwhelmed minority, still paying for the babies of the majority.  Isn’t it about time we whites started protesting, revolting, marching on Washington, filing discrimination charges and demanding equal treatment and benefits?

I am not anxious to die, but I hope I don’t live to see the United States led by a dictator and touting a population majority of Hispanics and Blacks.

What is happening to white Americans is not unlike what happened to the American Indians, just in a different way.  I wonder if non-whites will, in the future, demand white Americans be confined to reservations.

Kill me now.