This world is chock full of oddities; and I’m not talking about just people.  Take a look at these:

Who was the penis-loving idiot that built this? Male or Female?

And furthermore, who was the GEEK (deserving of capital letters) who not only came up with this idea, but wasted precious time figuring out how many coins it would take? This GEEK had WAAAAAAY too much idle time.

Well, OF COURSE! Anyone would get hungry walking around in the Happy Hunting Grounds. Just in case game is not very abundant there.

Why weren’t her tubes tied after the second set? THIS is an example of why Africans are starving.


Maybe because 1) he didn’t know HOW to spell his name and/or 2) he didn’t have a spell check program installed.

Mother Nature overlooked this STOWAWAY? What were you doing, Mother Nature? Nursing a hangover?

So what? Neither do I.

Absolutely Mind Boggling!