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OMG!  Everyone should be aware of how far and wide terrorism has spread!  A five-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was caught with a pink Hello Kitty Bubble Gun, and school administrators immediately suspended her from school and put a bad mark in her school records, which will follow her throughout her education until high school graduation and, perhaps, even into her college years!

Bully for the school administrators for showing true idiocy!  Or should I call it sensibility?  I mean, who wants a five-year-old shooting bubbles out of a pink Hello Kitty gun on school property?  Do you have any idea how much harm a soap bubble can cause?

A bubble could hit a child’s eye and result in having the eye surgically removed!  Not only that, if enough bubbles hit a wall, the wall could fall down!  If bubbles combine to create a really huge bubble, it could explode and bring down the entire building!

Bully for the administrators!  Nice going, you dumb ass idiots!

The child’s parents have hired an attorney and intend to sue.

Bully for them.

Give me a freaking break!