It’s 200 years ago.  The only ways to communicate between people is by mouth, the written word, or by visual signals. There is no telegraph, telephone, or radio. The atmosphere that envelopes the Earth is void of electric signals that can penetrate solid walls. Were humans healthier then?

Today we are enveloped not only by our polluted atmosphere, but also by frequencies from as low as 1 hz to supersonic, ultrahigh, and even greater frequencies that penetrate everything–including our water and carbon based bodies.

Every second of our lives from even the time we are conceived to the moment of our death our bodies are penetrated by radio frequency waves that, again, can penetrate solid walls.

Could all those millions of frequencies and signals that oscillate millions, even billions, of times per second be a negative influence on our biology and even altering it over time?

If every frequency in the world were to be turned off–EVERY FREQUENCY–would we notice it? Would the cells of our bodies be affected if no more electric signals were vibrating in our atmosphere?

Something to think about.