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Are you a man suffering from low testosterone? Well, good news is here for you, men!

A new product called Max-Ironman is available for those that need a boost in testosterone.

Apply it directly to any part of your body—except your genitals. Never allow your private parts to come into contact with the substance—just in case your wife/girlfriend wants to come into contact with them (snicker snicker).

Be aware, however, of possible negative side effects, some that could be life-threatening.

For instance, do not use if you have prostrate problems as it could cause your prostrate to increase in size so large that you could look pregnant.

Other side effects are brain tumors, hair growing out of your eyeballs, a third ear to grow out of the side of your neck, inability to move your thumbs (which makes using the TV remote a real bitch), an uncontrollable urge to ask for directions, headaches, stomach aches, joint pain and difficulty in rolling joints, heart murmors, an unexplainable crush on Pelosi, your big toes curling up and backwards (which makes wearing shoes impossible), farts coming out of your mouth instead of your butt, an urge to help your wife do the housework, insisting your wife drive while you grab the dash and scream like a little girl, asking your wife to take you to Victoria’s Secrets so you can try on several teddies, a willingness to sit quietly and listen to your wife ramble on for hours about the pettiest shit you’ve ever heard, possible liver damage (other than the damage you’ve already caused by being a sloppy drunkard for the past two decades), and worst of all—OMG!!— the worst is actually thinking Barack and Michelle are good for the nation.

If you suffer the WORST side effect—go play on the freeway during rush hour, because you will be hopelessly insane and of no good or use to the nation.

Yes, men, you can restore your masculine testosterone with Max-Ironman!

Get it today!!

Absolutely Mind Boggling!