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I watch Seinfeld.  I have tried watching How I Met Your Mother, Three and a Half Men, American Dad, Family Guy, the Simpsons, and on and on—but I don’t even crack a grin. Not even one twitch, a quiver. However, I see/hear people laughing out loud, even busting a gut on the TV.

So—what—is—so—funny?! Seinfeld is not at all funny. I don’t mean the show. I find Kramer to be funny and George, but Seinfeld himself? Not funny. He is not a funny comedian.

Three and A Half Men is just disgusting. How I Met Your Mother is only funny to low brows. The same with the cartoons, especially the Simpsons, besides being disgusting and blatantly rude and disrespectful.

Are these programs representative of the intelligence of Americans nowadays? Representative of their sense of humor?  Jeez—what a freaking pity!

And while I am on the subject of stupid humor, why must comedians use such vulgar language in order to get laughs? Is it because they really aren’t funny or is it because the audience is unable to laugh unless some vulgar language is uttered? What does that say about both?

A comedian that can get laughs without cussing, swearing, or being just plain disgusting IS a comedian.  Want some examples of REALLY funny comedians? Comedians that can make you laugh so hard your stomach will hurt and without having a filthy mouth?  Follow these links—unless your IQ is so low you can’t laugh unless someone says shit, f***, motherf*****, and so on.






Then you want some examples of really funny TV shows? The first two that come to mind is I Love Lucy and The Carol Burnett Show, not necessarily in that order. The very best part of The Carol Burnett Show was always Tim Conway. He can make you laugh and not even say “A white horse fell into a mud puddle.”

Then there was All In The Family, The Dean Martin Roasts, Taxi, Cheers, just to name a few, and none of them said any dirty words.

So—why is it people nowadays cannot laugh unless someone utters filthy language? Is that because the minds of Americans today are rotting?

Seinfeld is NOT funny. His co-stars can make me smile, but him? No, he does not make me even sport a grin.

Just my opinion.