Recently, I was riding a city bus when I noticed a young girl, most likely a high school student, wearing sunglasses with the Confederate battle flag printed/screened on the lenses. I began asking her some questions.

“Do you get any bad remarks from Blacks when you wear those glasses?” I asked her.

“I—I don’t think so,” she said.

“Do you know what that design on your lenses mean?”

“I looked it up. It has something to do with slavery.”

“Do you know that is the Confederate battle flag?”

“Confederate?” she asked.

“Ever hear of the American Civil War?”

“Sort of.”

“Do you realize that symbol is offensive to some people?” I asked.


Then she got off at the next stop.

What the HELL?  Are ALL high school students that stupid nowadays?  What the hell are they teaching in high school? Anything beyond how to use Facebook, Instagram and ipods?

Was that girl funnin’ me or was she really that stupid?

As I’ve said in my other blog, if high school students today had to meet the requirements to graduate that I had to meet way back in 1966, I would not be surprised that a vast majority would fail miserably.