Oh, come on, people! Grow the hell up!

Recently, it was reported the name of the Washington football team is offensive to some people, and there is a push to change it from “Redskins” to something less offensive.


It’s been the Redskins for decades! Why now? Because people who are Indians (American) have nothing else to do? Because they hope to get some money from a lawsuit?

If this demand for change succeeds, we might see protests by dolphins, seahawks, eagles, jet planes, horses (Broncos and Colts), falcons, people who are unusually large, people who work packing things, Indians who lead their tribes or others like police chiefs, cardinals, the Catholics (Saints), and who knows who else?

Then, some journalists stated they would not call the Washington team “Redskins” again.

This is absolutely absurd!

Grow the hell up! Get a hobby. Find something to praise, not condemn.

Absolutely Mind Boggling! (That people can be so stupid.)