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They have college degrees? Doesn’t that mean they should be well educated? Rarely, do I see/hear a TV journalist that speaks intelligently. It’s usually the local TV journalists who sound like an idiot. Hell, I only have a two year degree, but in many ways I am smarter.

They will ask such stupid questions: “How do you feel about your [relative] being murdered?” Well, how the hell do you THINK they feel, idiot?

The journalists often don’t know their language as well as I know it. They often end a sentence with a preposition, which is bad grammar. “They are going to leave the trains where they are at.”  Idiot.  “They are still trying to decide who they will travel with.” Idiot.


“They are going to leave the trains where they are.”

“They are still trying to decide with whom they will travel.”

There are many other egregious mistakes made by college educated “journalists”.

They talk like a high school dropout, often. What they don’t realize is 1) when they use bad grammar, they are making younger people, many who are still in school,  think is it okay to talk like that, but it isn’t, and 2) many college graduates, especially those with Masters and Ph.D’s, listen to them screw up the English language, and those listeners probably cringe when they hear such blatant errors.

For crying out loud, journalists! You are being paid exorbitant salaries, and you have freaking college educations! The least you could do is speak your language like you are educated, not some bum panhandling for coins.

To many, this may sound like nitpicking, but I am proud of my language and strive to speak/write it correctly. As much as you may dislike this, it still remains a fact: You will be, throughout your life, judged in, at least, three ways:

1) your appearance, 2) the way you speak, and 3) the way you write.

Speak/write like an idiot, and you will be perceived to be one.