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Current Opinions of News

There are several reasons for national reflection today. One reason is the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. More than 1,000 men are still entombed in the hulk of the battleship under the memorial erected over it. Their bodies are still there. They died there in the pitch black space in which they were trapped. They pounded on the hull hoping they would be rescued—but they pounded in vain. One by one they died. Alone. Terrified. Hopeful for rescue.

Time for us to reflect on that.

Another reason to reflect is far less honorable. It is shameful, in fact. Egregious. Morally corrupt.

The death of Paul Walker in a violent auto crash has received as much publicity and as much sentiment as the assassination of a president.  Walker was a movie star. Not a president. Not a veteran. Not a hero. Just an actor.

Yet, almost no coverage…

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