In order to compare something, you have to have two of whatever it is. You can’t compare a TV, for instance, if that TV is the only one you have. What are you going to compare it to?

You can’t compare one twin if only one is available. To what will you compare the one twin? You have to have both twins in order to compare them.

Right? With me so far?

I have two ‘worlds’ or two ‘societies’ to compare, one against the other. I was born in 1948. As I grew up as a child, I remember decent television. Decent movies. Decent people, i.e., people who were respectful and polite, and women who did not curse in public. Only prostitutes, whores, and sluts cursed like sailors in public.

I remember having to actually WORK in school to pass from one grade to the next, and work hard to graduate high school. When we had homework, we had to actually use encyclopedias either at home or in the library. We had to do math with a pencil and paper. There were no calculators. I remember using slide rules.

I remember my dad slapping my mouth right after back-talking to my mom. I never back-talked to her again. I remember getting spankings when I deserved one. My parents never said, “TIME OUT!”

My parents taught me to say ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’. They taught me to be respectful to people older than myself. I was taught to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

There was no sex on television, no dirty language like ‘piss’, ‘damn’, ‘boobs’, ‘son-of-a-bitch’, and so on and so on. Same with the movies. You never heard filthy language in movies or watched sex scenes.

Children would get into fist fights after school. Children did not bring guns to school and kill people.

There were no suicide bombers. No TSA. No airport screenings. And NO Muslim president.

God was still a foundation of our nation, of our society. There were no lawsuits for placing a Nativity scene in public. There was prayer in school, and no one objected. I could go on and on, but, perhaps, you can understand what I am saying.

I am saying our society, our nation, our people were much better than anything you can find now.

That was one ‘society’, and one I am proud to be a part of. I cannot find anything to be proud of in the societies that followed the Vietnam War.

The war protesters, the hippies, the British music invasion, the drugs, the ‘make love not war’ slogans—all that changed society. It was a fundamental change to our nation, our way of life, our culture, our society.

Today, fifth graders cuss like truck drivers. Such dirty mouths they have. Parents do not discipline their children. Parents do not teach their children to be respectful to anyone. Children talk back to their parents, and their parents no longer slap their kids in the mouth, so the children continue to dishonor/disrespect their parents. Children grow up being rude, disrespectful, violent.

Television, even during ‘prime time’ when children are still up, is full of vulgar language, disrespectful behavior, violence and even sex scenes.

Children bring guns to school and kill teachers and classmates.

Women/girls use even the worst language in public with no shame, no guilt—and no respect for other people who might be within earshot.

Movies today are as dirty as were X-rated movies in filthy theaters and adult stores.

You almost never hear a child under 18 say ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’. If they do, it is almost certain one or both of their parents are in the military. You’ve seen children being interviewed on TV, and they answer, “Yeah.” If I ever said “yeah” to an adult, my father would raise his voice and say, “YEAH? YEAH?” Then I knew to say, “Yes, sir” or “Yes, ma’am.”

Today Muslims murder millions by suicide bombers.

If you place a Nativity scene almost anywhere, you can be assured someone will complain, maybe even sue you.

Pray in school and get expelled—and, perhaps, sued.

Express your religious beliefs, and if your beliefs are opposed to homosexuals, you can lose your job and/or be sued.

Drivers stick their hands out the car windows and display obscene gestures. That didn’t happen when I was growing up.

High schools hand diplomas to students who don’t deserve them so they can submit reports showing how many students graduate so they can continue receiving funds from the government. If high school graduates today had to meet the criteria in order to graduate that I had to meet, I seriously believe there would be seniors who have to retake their senior year several times.

Hoodlums knock out innocent people on the streets and call it a game.

Instead of actually working and researching to finish homework, students can post a question on Yahoo Answers and let other people give them the answers.

Students do not know how to long divide with a pencil and paper. They let their calculators do the work for them.

High school graduates do not know the difference between loose and lose, your and you’re, to and too, its and it’s, and many other English words.

I have seen our society decay, rot, and fall into a pit of sin, violence, hatred, stupidity, and gross disrespect.

I can compare the world today with the world prior to 1968. Much of our population has only their world after 1968 to use as a comparison, but that is like comparing defecation to vomit: both are bad.

God have mercy on us all. Our nation is turning into a socialist country, a sinful, hateful, violent, disrespectful, and self-serving, greedy nation.

I will be 66 in February, and I honestly believe Jesus has had just about enough of us and will be back very soon. Will he come before I die? I don’t know. No one knows when Jesus will return. But I think it will be soon.

There is the very real possibility that in order to put food on your table, you will have to be identified with a number, just like Revelations says the ‘mark’ is 666.

This society of ours used to be one to be proud of, but today—I see nothing to be proud of. It is a sick society. It is a hateful society. It is a society with really dumb people who received an undeserved high school diploma, and those people will be our future leaders.

God help us all.