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“A study by Trend Micro suggests that there are nearly 750,000 malware apps for Android users alone — and that’s just apps.”

“Why the relentless focus on Android users? Well, for one, Android represents more than 80 percent of the new cellphones on the market, which makes it a better investment of a hacker’s time

So, what’s the average Android user to do?

1. Treat Your Smartphone Like a Computer

2. Wait Until Later

3. Download Apps From Only Verified Providers

4. Keep an Eye on Your Bill


I use an Android phone, and I have an anti-virus/malware app installed that periodically scans my phone, yet, constantly monitors what communicates with my phone.

I’ve had no problems with my phone, except when it occasionally “hangs up” (not on a call, but just seems to stop working). Then I have to restart the phone.

The only suspicious communication I’ve received so far is a text message that read, “Take us to your leader.”

I answer, “Don’t you want an honest leader, instead?”