Blacks say many stupid things. One is ‘blacks are not/cannot be racists’. Another stupid quote, ‘All whites are guilty of slavery’. Yet another is, ‘Kill all the crackers”.

To begin, when blacks attack whites and even murder whites, it rarely gets national news attention. But let a white hurt a black and OH MY GAWD—the national media has a field day.

Blacks, as I’ve said on my other blog (, blacks are far more racist, far more violent than any white crime I have ever seen or heard about.

Then, what happened 150 years ago cannot be blamed on people who weren’t even in the womb, yet. How can anyone alive today be blamed for Custer’s Last Stand? How can anyone alive today be blamed for the Valentine’s Day massacre by tommy gun-totin’ criminals? How can anyone alive today be blamed for the holocaust?

My family can’t be blamed for slavery in the U.S. because my family didn’t even arrive in the U.S. until the late 1800’s. So, how the hell can anyone blame me or my family? We were still in Europe.

Any black/blacks who blame whites today for slavery is blaming whites not because they are guilty, but because the black/blacks saying that are white-hating racists.

A black can stand on a street corner and scream for the extermination of whites, but if a white did that, he would be arrested and prosecuted—if Negroes didn’t get to him first.

There is much on my other blog about racism and blacks. It’s worth reading.

The video above is a shocking, violent look at the horrific crimes committed by blacks against whites. However, you NEVER hear about whites committing similar crimes against blacks.

Why do you suppose that is?