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Picture an iceberg at sea in your head. We’ve all been told only a small portion of the iceberg is visible. The rest of it is below the surface. The same as an ice cube in a glass.

So it is with the Internet. Right now, you are only seeing and can only access a small portion of the Internet. The worst thing about that is not that you can’t see the rest of the Internet, but that everyone is/can tracking/track you. Your privacy is non-existent here.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns your particular computer a number, and it is visible to anyone who wants to see it and knows how to see it. Then, with that information, they can track your every move, every email, and everything else.

The FBI, NSA, Secret Service, state and local police—you are most likely being spied on either one time or another or always.

So, how can you avoid that and see the rest of the Internet?

With TOR. What is TOR? I’m glad you asked. Follow the link:


You can SAFELY download TOR and, once installed on your computer, use it instead of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.

See the rest of the Internet and be completely anonymous while connected to it.

Protect your privacy, friend!