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This is an intense video, and some may not want to view it. It is a documentary about executions and the last 24 hours before the sentence is carried out.


Many people claim executions should be stopped and never performed again. However, if the threat of execution stops a lawbreaker from taking even one life, the penalty of death has served a good purpose.

What if the life that was saved was yours? What if the criminal pointing a gun at you with the intent to kill you or your family decides not to kill anyone because he doesn’t want to face a death penalty? Wouldn’t that make the death penalty a good reason to have it?

A couple of other thoughts: More consideration and compassion is paid to the convicted killer than the convicted killer paid to his/her victim(s). The convict has time to talk with family, have a last meal, meet with a priest or pastor or rabbi, given some time for a last statement.

None of those things were allowed by the killer before he murdered his victim(s).

Often, a murder is committed immediately and often brutally. The victim does not get a chance to say goodbye to his/her family, a last meal, or time to spend with a priest, pastor or rabbi.

And often, the death of a victim is painful, slow, and agonizing.

The death of an inmate is made to be as painless as is possible and is given much more than what he/she gave their victim(s).

The convict had a choice to make: kill or not kill. They made their choice. Then for their crime, they must pay the penalty for it.

Is is not right to make taxpayers pay for the incarceration until natural death of an inmate, which could be decades.

They had a choice. They made it. Now, society must make the inmate pay for their very bad decision(s).

Hopefully, the inmate(s) make peace with God before their death and are forgiven, opening the gates of Heaven for their arrival.

We can only hope and pray for them.