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Source: Me and report by CBS This Morning

It is Tuesday, February 18, 2014. I just finished watching a story by CBS This Morning about investors who lost money by investing into movies. The “investors” responded to a telemarketing call asking those called to invest a sum of money and can expect a return of their money many times over their investment.

Are you, reader, arriving at the same conclusion I already have?

One woman invested her entire life savings (more than $350K) and lost every penny. She never received a dime back. Now, she is at risk of losing her home.

A U.S. attorney stated this is a scam, a fraud, and steps have been taken to bring the “perps” to justice.

Yes, it is sad what happened to the woman mentioned above and sad what happened to all the investors. However—

—I cannot find any pity for them. How can someone as wealthy as that woman be so stupid to give some telemarketer all her money?

Christ! That woman should have realized if it was a scam, she should have invested just a little bit of her money, a sum she could afford to lose before committing her entire life savings and wait to see what sort of return she might reap.


Some voice from God knows where calls you and asks you for money. You don’t know that person. You don’t know where they are. You don’t know who their employer is. You have NOTHING but some anonymous voice telling you your money will not only be returned but doubled or even tripled.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Ever hear that before? I’m sorry, but I cannot feel sorry for that woman or anyone else who lost money investing in this movie scam.

If they are going to be that stupid, they got what they deserved to receive for their incredible stupidity and disgusting greed.


If I receive a telemarketer call, I listen to see if I can hear voices and noises behind the caller. That tells me they are probably working in a boiler room. I ask so many questions I drive the caller nuts. I ask for documentation. I ask them to send me hard-copy proof of money paid to investors. I ask for references. I ask. I ask. I ask. And I still do not agree to send any money until I receive what I’ve asked to receive.

It is a shame that woman above might lose her house. But—she only has herself to blame—for being so stupid.