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The King of Late Night

The King of Late Night



There is not, and probably never will be, any late night host who can hold a candle to Johnny Carson. Not Leno, not Fallon, not Letterman, not Meyers, not O’Brien,—not anyone.

His shows were the most entertaining and the funniest of any late night show I’ve ever seen.

I know there are “young’ins” out there in the world who have never seen Johnny Carson perform on the Tonight Show. Your loss, kids. Really.

However—you can watch some episodes at http://www.johnnycarson.com

I just watched a few episodes, and Joan Rivers (before her tragic plastic surgery) had me belly laughing!

Johnny asked her if it was really true that men preferred women with intelligence. Joan replied, “Oh, please! No man has ever put his hand up a woman’s skirt looking for a library card.” ROFLMAO!

She spoke about Madonna’s wedding, which Joan attended. “Oh, my God. She lifted her arm up, and I thought Tina Turner was under there!” [referring to all the underarm hair]

She also said she bought a bikini, and when she went wading, the bikini top got wet first. [THINK about it.] LOLOLOL!!

Oh, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Then, watching Johnny’s monologue is often quite funny, as well!

Listen, if you’ve never seen the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, you are missing a really good stream of belly laughs! You absolutely MUST watch him at: