The government is so deeply corrupt, so inept, staffed by idiots, and left unchecked that the money the IRS takes from you continues to fund a complete wreck we call our government.

Source: American Overlook

A hopelessly corrupt government beauocracy.

A hopelessly corrupt government bureaucracy.

The Social Security Administration has wasted over $300 million to create a new computer system for the purpose of handling disability claims. The project began six years ago and it still doesn’t work.

The aggressive plan began in 2008 when disability claims began to flood in more consistently. The system is no where near ready to implement and is sucking money from the taxpayers every day.

“The program has invested $288 million over six years, delivered limited functionality, and faced schedule delays as well as increasing stakeholder concerns,” the recent IG report read.

The IG report also stated no one was in charge of the massive project, leaving no one to pinpoint for termination for the failed project.

While the agency now says it’s committed to fixing the problem, no one expects anything from the incompetent bureaucracy. So, say goodbye to more and more of your wasted tax dollars.