Hey, wussup?

Born February 1948 in Pennsylvania; grew up mostly in Europe.  Father in U.S.A.F.  Graduated from high school in France, 1966. Drafted Oct 1966.  Disabled Veteran Vietnam Era.  Divorced, no kids.  Former print journalist and professional photographer with my own studio.  Love animals, particularly dogs, cats and horses.  I presently have 3 cats (they ARE my kids/children) after having to put to sleep a 19-year-old Pekinese-Cairn Terrier mix named Bubba.  He was given that name because he was the smallest puppy in the litter.  He was a real sweetheart.

Past-President of two Optimist International clubs.  Moderately conservative; deeply patriotic to the United States and the ideals set forth and envisioned by the Founding Fathers and the patriots who defended it with their lives.

I lived in Southern California for 11 years, and I love the state, although if I could afford to move back and live there, I would prefer to live north of Santa Barbara.  I miss California a great deal.  You either love the state, or you hate it.  Some of my favorite places there are the marinas and beaches.  I love fishing villages and marinas.  Oh, yeah–another of my favorite places is smack in the middle of a crowd of beautiful California girls!

I am new at blogging and am still learning.  There are many awesome blogs on the Internet.  I created this blog to do two things: entertain and inform.  Some posts may not entertain you, but they will inform you.  Some are funny, while others are serious.  I hope you enjoy browsing my blog.  Follow it to keep up-to-date as this blog changes.

I have my faults and am not perfect.  My relatives can attest to that (I just wish they were a bit more understanding), but—who among us is perfect? No one. No one but Jesus Christ is perfect.

I wish to mention the people in my life who are most special to me:

>> My brothers, Rich & Ken, their wives and children.  My nieces and one nephew and their spouses and children, cousins Robert and Janlynn.  My “favoritist” sister-in-law, Lena.

>> Dear friends Phil & Alice, David & Lori, Cindy on the West Coast, Don & Lucy, Jim & Sherry, and KENS-TV News Reporter Mayra Moreno (prettiest reporter west of the Mississippi).

May God bless them all and be with them always.

My babies: Jonesy, Pookie, and Missy.

My boy, Jonesy

Pookie On Alert!

My youngest girl, Missy
























You can learn more about me here:


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