Absolutely Mind Boggling Videos

This will probably be the funniest police chase you will ever see.  What helps make it so funny is the Benny Hill theme song.  I had to watch it several times because it was so funny–AND Absolutely Mind Boggling!

Funniest Police Chase Ever!






This British dog will steal your heart!


Absolutely Mind Boggling!

How cool is this?

Okay, here is something that you might have seen in comic books about Buck Rogers, Superman, or my favorite cartoon character Spaceman Spiff played by Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.

Spaceman Spiff in Outer Space!

A Swiss pilot wearing a rocket/jet suit flies in formation with two military jets.  I wonder what the fighter pilots were saying about this.  This came from ABC News:

Click the link below to see the video

Jetman Flies with Fighter Jets

Absolutely Mind Boggling!

Who’s your favorite?  LOLOL!  This baby girl is precious!


Baby Gives the “Evil Eye”


Absolutely Mind Boggling!


2 thoughts on “Absolutely Mind Boggling Videos”

  1. Yeh, that is the funniest cop chase ever. Suitable theme music to boot.

    Have you seen this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdjDqY-FnSQ

    Cops pull over a suspect looking for a little girl. What do you rate it out of 10 for humour?

    • LOL! THERE’S the little girl! ROFL. My personality would have been, “WTF are you talking about? Arrest me and give me reason to sue the PD and city for millions!” LOLOL! As for rating it, I’d give it a 7. The police chase is a definite 10!!

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