Cats, Cats, & Cats

Tigger Spies Something!

You either love ’em or don’ t love ’em.  Some people, like myself, love most kinds of animals, but not things like venomous snakes, barracuda, man-eating sharks, and so on.  My favorite animals are dogs, cats, and horses.  Well, not seahorses; the land kind.  I presently have three cats; one boy and two girls, and they are my children.  They give me lots of love.  I give them lots of love.  And sometimes they even hold brief conversations with me.  I don’t understand a single meow, but I know they are talking to me.

Um…Fluffy or Snowball?

I was trying to think of a new page/topic for this blog, and I came upon an idea to pass on some valuable information about cats.  I know there are many cat “experts”, but there are also many cat owners (well, none of us own a cat; they own us) who are not experts and might learn a few things about cats in general and can apply that information to their own cat.  So, I hope you will find some value in my posts about cats.  The best way to keep up to date with the posts is to subscribe to my blog.  I hope you will be motivated to do so.


I recently watched an episode of 60 Minutes on CBS about products you can buy in a health food store.  What a scam most of those products are!  There are things in those pills and liquids that if you knew what they were and how little you need to ingest for it to become a toxic intake, you would never even touch the bottle!  Since these “health” products are not medicines, they do not fall under the scrutiny of the Food and Drug Administration, so there could be just about anything in the product and both manufacturers and advertisers can claim almost anything about what the product can do for you.  The 60 Minutes program interviewed women whose hair fell out in handfuls, and eventually it was discovered a product they purchased in a health food store caused it all.

The same can happen to your pet, whether it be a dog, cat, horse or whatever.  Do not buy some ‘nutraceutical‘ in a pet store, online or anywhere else and give it to your animal without doing some serious research.  Just because the label says “brewer’s yeast and garlic preparations” can control fleas does not mean it truly does.  There never has been any controlled/scientific study to prove garlic or brewer’s yeast does anything to control fleas.  If you buy that product and give it to your pet, it’s a good bet you have been scammed.

The word nutraceutical is a combination of nutrient and pharmaceutical.  Some cat owners think nutraceuticals are good for their cats because they are all natural.  Hey–arsenic is all natural, too.  What is most important for you to consider is 1) is it safe for my cat? and 2) does it really work?  The very best thing you can do is consult with a vet, your vet, before you give your pet anything besides cat food.  You surely don’t want to poison your kitty; or dog.  Just because a label says the product is great and does this and does that–does not necessarily mean it does what the label says it does or that it is even safe for your pet.  Consult your vet first!  Remember, the manufacturer’s product does not have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  There could be anything in that nutraceutical.

Give your kitties a hug for me!


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