Files To Bring You Smiles

Some of these pictures I modified or created for one purpose only:  to make someone smile.  Some pictures I didn’t modify, but just added a caption.  Photo credits, if available, are included.  I hope you get a smile or two.  Enjoy!


Gee, it’s gonna be hard to choose just ONE!

Denmark’s Queen Mary

Baby Fist Nelson

I can see her smiling!!!

New Technology for Ship Navigaion–with OVERDRIVE!

Available in all the finest models

This is gonna be one helluva Prom night!

Hmmm…an improvement or not?

This mechanic in San Antonio, Texas, will HOVERhaul your engine.

Tex-Mex English

WHAT phone? (In the Audie Murphy VA Hospital cafeteria)

An afternoon walk

Emergency in orbit

Where is your wife?

Nasty joke to pull on a kid! LOL!

Kicking back in the South Pacific

Tough kids

Hold still!

It’s a man’s world.



Come on! Lemme!

Hey, neighbor!

Online business

Could be your last line of defense

“Look! That guy right there! He looks like an Occidental! Smash him!”  (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

“I wonder if Obama will give ME any bail out money.” REUTERS/Lane Hickenbottom

I think this “Gay” thing has gone a little too far. REUTERS/Mike Cassese

“Right here is where I am going to bury the U.S. Constitution, son.”

“This is where I am going to bury the U.S. flag.”

“T-T-Th-That’s all, folks!”

“Oh, dear God. Only us monkeys would be stupid enough to re-elect Obama.” (Photo by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images)

“OOOOOOH! Those Obama’s really piss me off!”


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