Shockwave (Adobe Flash Player) Crashes: How to Fix That


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I was so frustrated with my laptop I was about to throw it out the Window(s). LOL!  I would get an error message on one site after another saying Shockwave had crashed. Also known as Adobe Flash Player. Frustrating!

Has that happened to you?

I uninstalled Adobe Flash Player then re-installed it. I uninstalled Chrome then re-installed it. I ran a program (CCleaner) to check the registry, which, by the way, had a ton of errors. But, no matter what I did, the error would not go away.

So, I started something I should have done first: search the Internet for a solution. There were two promising sites. One promo on the search results page claimed if I download “SmartPC”, installed it, ran a scan, it would fix the problem for me if I clicked “Fix All”.

So, I did the first three things, but after the scan, I had to ‘register’ the program (BUY it). I said, “Hell, no.”

So, I checked out the other promising link. Well, that link DID fix the problem. If you are using Chrome, there are a couple of hidden pages you probably didn’t know existed. In the address bar in Chrome, enter chrome://plugins and a page will list all the plugins used by Chrome. The other page is chrome://conflicts.

There is also chrome://settings, by the way.

Anyway, the instructions said to look for more than one instance of Flash Player using the “plugins” page. Sure enough, there were two plugins of Flash Player, and the reason I was having all those crashes was because the two plugins couldn’t get along with each other. The directions go on to say “disable” the plugin that is in Chrome, not the one listed as in the system.

I did that, then called up the chrome://conflicts page again. If there is any software conflicting with Chrome, it will give you a count of how many there are and identify them. Luckily, there were no conflicts with my Chrome installation.

Then restart your computer.

Well, I’ve spent some time on the Internet going to pages where the crashes occurred, and so far—no crashes! I think I’ve finally got the problem whupped!

And I’m a little more educated about Chrome, too.

If you are having Flash Player crashes, I hope the procedure described above helps you eliminate that problem.



Why We Hate the U.S.P.S.

I used to be a Letter Carrier during the 1990’s, and I saw such egregious behavior by its employees handling mail, and not limited to Letter Carriers, but also by clerks/mail handlers.

I’ve written a manuscript about my 5 years with the Postal Service, and the story is shocking. Hardly anyone really knows what goes on behind the windows where you buy your postage. The truth is despicable.

What goes on inside the U.S.P.S. is as a closely guarded secret as the goings on behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

BUT—I have written about what goes on. It’s an almost unbelievable story, but, so help me God, it’s a true story.

Well, today, August 18th, I received my mail and had to take a couple pictures of it before removing from my mailbox. Look at them closely, and you will see apparently my mailman/woman doesn’t give a damn about the public’s mail.

Proper delivery of the mail?

Proper delivery of the mail?

Is this really hard to see? It almost jumps out to slap your face.

Is this really hard to see? It almost jumps out to slap your face.

There are many really good Letter Carriers, then there are many Letter Carriers who ain’t worth a &%#*!!


Photos of People Tempting Death

Wow. I am afraid of heights. Well, that is not accurate. I am not afraid of heights. I am afraid of falling from heights. When I see photos of places high up, my ankles get cold. I get a cold feeling in my feet and ankles. Really. I do. And when I saw these pictures, OMG, my feet and ankles were shivering. LOL!

Mountain biking

Mountain Hiking

Mountain Hiking

Mountainside Camping

Mountainside Camping

Top of Sign

Top of Sign

Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing

Oh, brother! It isn’t the fall—it’s the sudden stop!